Project Description:

 Acwa Power led consortium
 Completion planned for December 2015

Location: Groblershoop, Northern Cape, South Africa
Value: R4billion
Type: Renewable energy
Description: 50MW Concentrated Solar Power Plant

A consortium that includes Crowie Concessions entered into an EPC contract with an ACWA Power led consortium of investors in 2013. This followed the ACWA Power led consortium having concluded the conclusion of a 20 year Power Producer Agreement having been concluded between the ACWA Power led Consortium and the Department of Energy and ESKOM.

The project entails the development of a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant in Bokpoort Farm, near the town of Groblershoop in the Northern Cape. Crowie Concessions is part of the EPC consortium that includes three specialist CSP Spanish companies, Acciona, TSK and Sener. The power plant will be located on the Remaining Extent of Farm Bokpoort 390, situated in the Kheis Local Municipality. The farm covers a total area of approximately 6700 hectares and borders the Orange River to the south-west. The site area is approximately 2km in length and 1,8km in width.

The project will be based on state-of-the-art Parabolic Trough technology and have a net capacity of 50 MW with a thermal energy storage system (TES). The TES will have storage capacity of 9 hours. This is the longest period of storage of electricity produced by any solar plant of its size and allows plant to despatch renewable energy generated during the day and night.

The EPC Consortium will be responsible for the following items:
– Detailed engineering design of the Project, including equipment specifications, all required civil works and project
structures, drawings, schedules, etc.
– Procurement of newly manufactured materials, articles and equipment to be incorporated into the project.
– Handling of material, equipment and construction equipment, including, as necessary, inspection, expediting, shipping,
unloading, receiving and customs clearance, transportation to and storage at the site.
– Erection, installation, construction, completion and testing and commissioning.
– Providing all labour and personnel required for the project.