What we do

Crowie Concessions plays an active role in PPP’s in South Africa and the rest of the African continent. South African law defines a PPP as a contract between a public sector institution/municipality and a private party, in which the private party assumes substantial financial, technical and operational risk in the design, financing, building and operation of a project. The private party could perform an institutional/municipal function, acquire the use of state/municipal property for its own commercial purposes or it could be a hybrid of these.

There are three internationally applied standard tests to determine whether a PPP is the appropriate vehicle for procuring a public asset or service:

– Can substantial risk be transferred to the private party?
– Is the project affordable to the procuring institution?
– Does a PPP procurement option show value for money?

At Crowie Concessions, we believe that the PPP model could provide government with the following advantages:

– Single interface instead of a multitude of contracts,
– Control of whole life cycle costing allowing government never to go over budget,
– Significant time savings (design period, funds mobilisation etc.),
– Optimisation of the facility and services during “contract negotiations” phase leading to innovative technical, legal, financial and BBBEE solutions,
– Public facility properly utilised and handed back in the best possible condition.

Crowie Concessions gets involved in the identification, conducting feasibility studies, planning, delivery and management of various types of PPP projects. The company is able to take an equity stake in a private party / concessionaire that enters into a concession, PPP or PP (power
purchase) agreement with government. Clients may include all spheres of government, namely, national, provincial and municipal.

The company is also able to take an equity stake in EPC (engineering procurement and construction) or Design and Construct subcontractors to the private party or project developer that enters into long term contracts with government on PPP projects.

Crowie Concessions also plays an active role in the consortium by providing various subcontracting services to the private party and/or the subcontractors to the private party. This is done through the unique Crowie Holdings group structure. Crowie Concessions facilitates the
involvement of its facilities management, building construction, civils construction, project management, electrical contracting and other sister companies in PPP projects it gets involved in. This ensures that the Crowie Holdings group of companies are able to add meaningful value
in the consortium and deliver a turnkey solution to its clients.

Crowie Concessions is able to deliver PPP projects in a number of different sectors. Some of these sectors may include, inter alia, the following:

Office accommodation: Government offices, legislatures and chambers.
Healthcare: Hospitals and other healthcare facilities
Security: Prisons / correctional centres and police stations
Education: Academic facilities, student accommodation and schools
Transport: Toll roads, rail, airports and harbours
– Leisure, tourism and hospitality
Energy: renewable energy plants and coal fired power stations